Different fields of services of Gharb Flange Industrial Group in supplying of parts and equipment:

With a complete knowledge about customers’ needs and also exact recognition of current technological limitations, Gharb Flange Group decided to make relations and strategic involvements with most of known manufacturers and suppliers of industrial equipment at Europe, North Korea and United Arab Emirates. It was successful to find the best quality and cost situation with a correct management of interactions along with good benefits in meeting customers’ needs and current necessities of different industries in country.

Followings are the headlines of services in the field of supplying the goods for a wide scope of parts and required equipment for industrial projects in specific fields:

  • Purchase engineering & Recognition of resources
  • Signing contract, Opening of L/C and performing financial functions
  • Inspection, Transportation and Release tasks
  • Purchase support & Process control

Gharb Flange Groups has different offices at U.A.E, and Germany along with independent & special department of foreign trade in organization for better completion of supplying chain of goods.